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  • In summer, Fagerbacka is a very scenic place.

  • There is a trekking path (8 km) from the sports field Åvallen to the summer pasture place.

  • Every summer, a special occasion is arranged with a short programme and demonstration of old time work methods.

  • In March every year, an outdoor day is arranged at the summer pasture place. In late winter a ski track is kept open between the sports field Åvallen ( Purmovägen 560 ) and Fagerbacka, the track continues to Manners.

  • The summer pasture place is open to visitors throughout the year – so pack your picnic basket and go there!

Guiding and catering for groups can be booked with:

Tommy Olin, phone 0500 272232, email: tommy.olin@multi.fi
dress Storbackavägen 3 b 3, 68930 Purmo.

Here you can see Fagerbacka on a map.